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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Support Mental Health

May is Mental Health
   Awareness Month

Not only do I suffer from depression, so does my daughter.  We just take it day by day, sometimes it is all we can do to get up in the morning. The sadness is overwhelming at times that the tears don't want to stop.  We just want the pain to end. The medication doesn't help 100% so it seems that we are always stuck with that little piece of sadness that won't go away. What kind of life is this? Now is the time, I will no longer hide my depression.  It will no longer control me. 
I will fight to stay alive. I will have hope for another day. 

Please join me in the fight for acceptance of Mental Illness.  Mental Illness is just that, an illness. If we all just do a little bit, understand a little bit, comfort a 
 little bit, and speak out a little bit then maybe we could make a difference.  People need to know that it is okay to ask for help.  It is okay to ask for the treatment they need. They shouldn't feel stupid or scared about what other people might think of them.  It is not their fault that they feel bad, feel anxiety, want to die, or cannot get out of bed. 

The stigma associated with Mental Illnesses must stop.  We do not need to feel discriminated upon anymore. We are all real people, with real lives wanting to 
live a better life.

Here are some things you could do to raise awareness:
--Visit The Healthy Place and Join the Campaign to 
--Take the Bring Change 2 Mind Pledge
--Get the Facts on Mental Health at the National Alliance on Mental Health
--Go to the National Institute on Mental Health. They hope that one day we 
will live in a world where mental illnesses are prevented and cured.

Thanks for listening to me rant about a good cause.  It gives me great comfort to be able to talk about mental illness and to advocate for its acceptance.  It is something I live with every day. It is all too familiar.  I won't let my depression define me but I will not apologize for who I am either.  
Mental Illness Affects Everyone

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  1. Hi Jamie
    I adore your site. I wish there were more people writing about mental illness in a real way. I would love to chat. Please feel free to visit my blog http://www.aworldoutsidemywindow.ca
    Thanks for sharing your journey.

  2. My PhD that I am going for is in Psychology so Mental Health Month is definitely a plus on my list to read about, talk about, etc. Thanks for sharing @ The Show Off Blog Party :)

    The Wondering Brain

  3. There is excellent information here. Appreciate your transparency and sharing this with us.


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  5. Thanks for shearing about this I thinks its very hopeful post and very important post for us.
    thanks for your great and helpful presentation I like your good service.I always appreciate your post.
    mental health month


Hi! You are not alone.
**Support Mental Health**

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We are in this together

We are in this together


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