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About Me

"The Story of a Queen who Lived 
 Like a Rock Star"
Quote by Angela Howard

A poor rock star who was never in a band 
(but I am sure I would be darling at it), can't 
play an instrument but loves to 
sing loudly in my car.

Welcome to my sad, crazy, funny, depressing, 
informative, random positive, always interesting life.

I am just here to make my little mark in the universe.
(You're Welcome!)

 My blog is a wild ride sometimes, with ups and downs, 
twists and turns, and most times 
it may just go nowhere, or so it will seem. 

It's all about me here. 
But glad you could join me!
I don't mind sharing.

(I am self-proclaimed!)

I am a Real woman with a real life
and so much more.
A curse and a blessing

Also part of my wonderful charm, awesome
personality, and oh yeah, 
I suck at stability so mystiquely 
(is that even a word)so.

I can't just wave my fairy wand or click
 my heels three times. AHHHHH, 
if only it was that easy.

I am me and that is all I will ever be... 
so love me for all my craziness or turn and leave quietly.

Take me as I am, or watch me as I go!  But wait this is my blog, I don't have to leave. Thanks.
Hey wait, don't leave!!!!
(I didn't mean it).

I decided to blog to be able to share my good days as well as my bad days with you and all the in betweens.  There is a lot more to me than my depression but it is a part of who I am.
 I am a real person with a real life. 
I am a mom, Administrative Assistant, 
sister, daughter, friend.
I have a mental illness, a real illness. 
Depression is not something that I made up. 
I am a warrior and here to fight 
this fight with the best of them so
that one day the stigma will be gone. 
*Keeping my fingers crossed*

Join Me

**I blog for Mental Health Awareness**

I will no longer keep silent nor hidden. 
I have a lot to say and boy am I going to say what I want.  
I am full of passion.
 I will not be silenced any longer.
 My words, thoughts, and feelings need to be set free. 
I am now a blogger, therefore I will blog.

Besides, it is a lot cheaper 
than seeing a therapist, am I right?!?  
So far blogging has been FREE!*Hee Hee* 

I always wanted to write.  
I want to be heard. 
I want to help others.
I want to entertain and make people laugh.
 It is the best thing I have ever done (besides give birth to my daughter, duh). But it was the greatest thing I could have ever done for myself (*pats self on back, gives self the thumbs up*).  

 I am a work in progress, my best days are 
ahead of me, and I am destined for good things. 
Why? Because I am me, I blog now
 and because I believe in  me.

 I learn something new everyday about blogging, 
about myself, and how I can be a better blogger. 
 But no matter how many mistakes I make 
(many mistakes have been made already for sure), 
I am in it to win it!

But just know that the best decision I have 
ever made was to become a blogger.

I have met some great bloggers.
 I appreciate everyone of you that follows me or just stops by. 

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Whew! If you are still here, 
thanks for staying to the end!
You are Awesome!
I love you all!


This is my life in nut shell!

Support, Advocate, and Raise Awareness,
to Help Me Stop the Stigma of Mental Illness.

**I do not own any of these photos.
Photos came from Facebook.
Original Origin on  photos.
Some are unknown**

Positively Depressed 2014


  1. Love the style of your blog! Mental health is such an intricate thing. I am following you and look forward to reading your posts!

  2. Hello! Just stopping by and checking the blogroll for Blog for Mental Health 2013. I love the explosive creativity. You certainly seem like you have a lot to say, and the words are pouring out of you, as you said. Looking to read more :)

    -Sarah from Mental Illness Insights

  3. Just attended a class at the library on Mental Health. It is a difficult mindset to change with people, that the person has a disease, but isn't the disease. I agree blogging is very therapeutic! Looking forward to reading your A-Z posts


Hi! You are not alone.
**Support Mental Health**

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We are in this together

We are in this together


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