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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

For All Moms...

This is a love letter to all the amazing, hard-working, and inspirational moms I meet every day of my life who are slogging through life with small children. It’s damn hard.
To the mom who lost her temper at the farm market today and screamed at her kid when he ran off and scared her to death . . . it gets better.
To the mom who goes to bed every single night worried that she didn’t do enough to help her child with learning difficulties, or physical disabilities, or both . . . .it gets better.
To the stay at home moms who worry that the monotony of the day to day rituals of meal preparation, butt-wiping, and tantrum wrangling will push them over the edge. . . it gets better.
To the mom who feels like she will never feel rested again because she is up with her 1 week old/1 month old/1 year/10 year old  five or more times a night . . . it gets better.
To the mom who answers the same question over, and over, and over, until she thinks she just starts tuning out . . . it gets better.
To the mom who forgets what it is like to leave the house in anything other than yoga pants . . . it gets better.
To the mom who is standing firm in her beliefs about what her baby/toddler/child/ adolescent needs even though society and maybe her own family disagree vocally . . . it gets better.
To the mom who feels guilty when she’s at work and guilty when she’s at home. . . it gets better.
To the mom who is paralyzed by anxiety because of hormones, or chemicals, or just bad timing . . . it gets better.
To the mom who feels alone, isolated, and like no one, even her partner really understands the daily monotony of child-rearing . . .  it gets better.
To the mom who just wants to run away — and doesn’t feel guilty about it  . . . it gets better.
To the mom who struggles with depression and can imagine for a horrifying second what it would feel like to completely lose all control. . . it gets better.
 How do I know it gets better? It has to, right? We have each other. We’re all here. Let’s do this colossally important and colossally difficult task of mothering together.
What do you want to say to the moms you are in the trenches with?
I was struggling today and came across this on facebook.  I was feeling hopeless and helpless while dealing with my teenage daughter and her depressive breakdown tonight.  Being a lifelong depression suffer, I have learned to live and cope with my life.  It just breaks my heart that my own daughter is suicidal with no hope of things getting any better at times.  She has been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder but refuses to take her meds.  How am I suppose to convince her that she can get help when all she wants to do is die?  How am I suppose to help her when I have the same diagnosis?  Thanks for listening and I hope the poem above gives you hope as it did me.--- Jamie


  1. I simply further up your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader. Seeking forward to studying more from you later on!natural depression treatment

    1. thanks for stopping by! I have not been blogging as much as I have wanted to lately but I am ready to start blogging more regularly now. So stay tuned :)

  2. Depression can be a difficult thing to cope with. When you have depression even the normal every day responsibilities of life can seem overwhelming to accomplish. If a person is to have any chance of a semblance to a normal happy life seeking doctor care is where they should start.

    I suffer from depression and on my worst days, I do not even want to get out of bed. On days like that I sit and reflect on what important needs to be done and force myself to do all I can. I try to beat my depression and take control so it does not totally ruin my life.

    1. thanks for commenting and stopping by. Depression is a serious mental illness, one that I suffer from all my life but treat with medication. I am learning to live life in a different light, with a more positive attitude. I am learning to accept myself just as I am, flaws, illness and all. I cannot change who I am inside but I can change how I feel and react to life's many challenges. I hope you too can learn to love yourself, deal with your depression, and live a life that cannot be ruined. Bless you :)


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We are in this together

We are in this together


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