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Friday, March 1, 2013

just.BE.enough's 3 Words "What Progress Have You Made?"

just.BE.enough has asked its readers to choose three words that will help them focus on their goals and dreams for 2013.  My three words I have chosen are:CHANGE, ACCEPTANCE, and PERSISTENCE.  
Now that it is the end of February I seem to be finally headed in the right direction.  For me, CHANGE couldn't come quick enough, yet this month I wasn't able to make a personal change and now I am disappointed.  I wanted to move out from under my ex and get my own place where my I could start living my life again.  But I am learning to accept the fact that the change I so desperately wanted to make will have to wait another year.  So ACCEPTANCE is the key to moving on from this setback.  But ACCEPTANCE in this instance, self-ACCEPTANCE, is something I started working on.  This is the main goal for me this year.  I have started a radical 10-day plan to find out who I really am and learn to accept myself as I am.  I will learn to say "Yes to my life".  Robert Holden's Radical 10-day Plan will teach me how self-acceptance will make me experience a revelation.  I will feel at home in my body, all roads will open for me, and a new journey will begin.  I am ready to see how good my life can get when I learn to love and accept myself.  I am exciting to start this 10-day plan.  Today is the first day of the plan.  Baby steps, right?  But progress none-the-less.  PERSISTENCE is the key to love and accept myself.

So, my goals are to make CHANGES in my personal life, learn to love myself and gain self-ACCEPTANCE in order to live a happier more fulfilled life, and to be maintain PERSISTENCE in all that I do.  I will never give up and I will reach my goals.  Even if it is having to live with my ex another year, but I will reach my goal to get my own place as long as it takes.  I will remain persistent and look forward to next year.  I will definitely make the most of this year while waiting to move next year.

With March comes a newness, a new growth a new beginning.  Spring is just right around the corner and I couldn't be more happier :)

Thanks again to just.BE.enough for this opportunity for me to participate in this project.  I feel good things are coming this Spring!  I am open and ready to receive good things in my life!  

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