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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Time for Me to Be More Assertive

This challenge is just what I needed 
to get my butt back in blogging mode.

Seriously though, the reason I have not been 
blogging lately, and this pains me to even say this,
but the screen on my laptop just decided to not 
turn on one day a couple of months ago.
Poor old me cannot afford a new one.

 Shhh! Don't say anything but I am 
using my computer at work 
(while the boss is out to lunch) 
to be able  to at least start this post so 
I can finish it at home using my
 trusty cell phone (I love my phone but 
it sure isn't my laptop). RIP HP!

Ughhh, I hope my plan works.
Keep your fingers crossed!

Well, I guess I better do my thing.

I cannot believe it has been a year already.
And here I am starting the 
A to Z Blogging Challenge 
again this April 2014.

Today's blog post is brought to 
you by the letter "A." 


This is definitely something that 
I have been meaning to work on.

Being passive-aggressive most of my 
life just doesn't seem to be doing the trick.
At age 43 (now feeling old and unaccomplished),  
I really thought I would have my shit together
by this time in my life, for sure.

Guess I was wrong.
It is okay, really.
It won't be the last time 
that I will be wrong about something. 
But, Hey! At least I acknowledged the fact
that something has to change in my
life in order for me to continue 
to grow and thrive; not just survive. 
My mental health depends on me
striving to be better than I was.

I know that being able to be more 
assertive will help me gain some self-respect 
and express myself more openly and honestly.

 I will love and value myself like I should have a long time ago.
Because at the end of the day, all I got is ME!
A good, working definition of Assertiveness.  www.redbridge-iae.ac.uk
Photo Credit:  Docstoc

Photo Credit: CoffeCleanCupcake

Hey, guess what?
I was able to finish this post at work.
Remember, Hush is the word!

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  1. I like those rights and I think they're true. When the world hates us, we've got to keep calm and carry on, knowing we're not alone. Those who are first will become last, and those who are last will be lifted up and made first. I didn't think of that myself, I kind of stole it from Jesus. It's the cycle of life I guess---for the time being anyway.

  2. Hi there, just dropped in to say i loved your post on assertive rights. It was after my marriage that i fear i am becoming passive aggressive. But i am working on this to retain who i am in reality. My original, good or bad whatever, but true to self.

    Hey, i am waiting what you think of my post on letter B and C in the school of motherhood.

    The Sinhas at No 302 sinhasat302.blogspot.in
    Ps: Would love to hear your comments on my A to Z posts. Thanks.


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