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Monday, July 22, 2013

Randomly, positively, and honestly


Looks like I am still in the challenges!
Go Me! 
I will not let depression stop me now!

The Blog-a-Day Challenge ends tomorrow.
The Ultimate Blog Challenge goes all the way to the end of July
(the 31st is my 43rd birthday--Am I really getting old???)

Let's begin, shall we!?!

Are you ready for another random blog installment 
coming directly to you from me?

Okay, I am feeling daring so I am going
 to air some of my dirty habits
 (dirty laundry isn't one of them).

I am a collector, no matter what my daughter says.
I am in no way a hoarder and no I don't have trash 
just randomly laying around, but maybe, 
occasionally I may have excess amounts of paper in plain view 
(and in a small, compact, 2-drawer filing cabinet, 
besides you never know when I might need something), 
lots of unread magazines (I swear I will read them), 
and numerous knickknacks (in dire need of dusting).

Okay, I admit I am in great need of some serious organizational skills, 
a lot of major de-cluttering ideas, and excessive
 amounts of general tips to simplify my life.

Now that I have admitted my problems, and have addressed my 
depression issues, I am ready to make some serious changes.

The darkness has lifted.
My old friend has left for now.
The light in my life has returned.

I will change what I can and accept what I cannot.
I will not dwell, worry, or stress out on the the things I cannot change.

I am open to all goodness that is headed my way.
The good I do in my life and for others
 will come back to me generously and I am ready for 
the goodness, greatness, and love that will succumb me.

Did I mention I am ready, ready for change?  
I am looking forward to the remaining half of 2013 to
be the best yet. 

Oh yes, I rejoice, the darkness has lifted.
Once again I am victorious.  
I won this last battle against the darkness.
I am strong enough again to live this life I was given. 

Stay tuned, I am back on track to being happy and:

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  1. I'm visiting from the UBC & thoroughly enjoyed this post, Jamie. I might share a couple of your dirty habits as well: ) We will conquer them... eventually!

    1. thanks for stopping by! I am no Betty Homemaker and definitely not the Martha Stewart type LOL Oh well, I am me!


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