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Monday, July 29, 2013

Old fashioned, me? Who knew!


Being lonely truly sucks but should 
I be looking for love right now?
My living situation sucks 
(still living with my ex).
I still have no car.
I am still reeling from this 
last depressive episode.
But I guess whether my 
life sucks or not, there
is no time like the
present to start searching 
for love again besides
I have a feeling it might take
a while in this day and age.

So here I am looking for love
in all the wrong places.
Places, like online dating sites,
where all a man wants to
do is talk about sex and
send me explicit pictures
of their sex organs.

Ugghhh! All I can do is 
shake my head and 
laugh out loud 
at how stupid some 
men can be.
Don't get me wrong, 
I like sex too but come
on guys, how hard is it to get
to know someone before
you ask them if they like to do
certain sex acts and to ask to see 
pictures of my breasts?
And no I am not here on this
Earth today to fulfill your 
sexual needs; there is
porn for that.

I most be old fashioned.
I have always been an
open-minded woman, 
but it seems traditional
love is too difficult
to obtain now days.
What does traditional 
mean to me, you wonder.
Well you know when you
meet someone and you talk
for hours getting to know
 one another, then meet for
dinner or for a drink to 
find out if there is any
kind of chemistry 
between one another. 

Maybe I am just a hopeless 
romantic, but I am beginning 
to wonder if the love I want and 
deserve is ever going to find me.
Does it even exist anymore?
Well, I am not a quitter so
I won't give up looking for love.
I just want to know what 
love is before I die.
Time is ticking.

I maybe right afterall; love may take a while 
to find but I am not going to settle.
So I guess I will crawl back on my couch
(my ex pays rent so I get the couch) 
and call it a day.

Tomorrow is another day.
Another day to put myself out there.
I am ready to give and receive love.
That is all I can do for now.
Patience will not come easily 
but hope will be there for me 
in the long run.

Wish me luck in love, the dating pool
seems to be getting more stupid by the day.   post signature

1 comment:

  1. I totally remembered how difficult the dating pool was. Just when I was ready to give up I met my now husband on Match.com ten years ago this month. And now we have been married 7 years and have two little girls (our oldest is 4 years old). I am living proof that it can happen and will be sending good thoughts your way for you to find the right person very soon!! :)


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